Community Health & Visual Impairment Awareness

with Mr. Sam Pantusa, COO & President of Lions Sight Foundation

About this Interview

Together We See is launching a new program, Insights from Experts, in which we interview experts in ophthalmology and public health in order to make health information more accessible to the public. In each segment of this program, we hope to cover unique public health topics, including eye health, visual impairments, and public health disparities. As Together We See is an organization founded by youth, getting advice from professionals helps us to refine and improve our approach. Thank you so much to Lion Sam for sharing your insights with us!

Key Takeaways

  • Health disparities for underprivileged groups are extremely prevalent in the field of public health — they are often exacerbated by poor socioeconomic conditions, cultural stigmas, and language/communication barriers.

  • New innovations, like iPads, are changing the cultural stigma associated with visual impairments by making them easier to cope with.

  • In partnership with the Lions Sight Research Foundation, Together We See should seek out to more youth in spreading awareness. Specifically, we can reach out to Lions Club chapters in universities throughout Texas (UT Austin, Texas A&M, University of the Incarnate Ward, etc.) in a campaign to improve health literacy about visual impairments.

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