Orphanage Vision Screening Successful

On June 5, we set up a free vision screening program in Thailand at the Bamboo School, an orphanage located on the mountainous border region between Thailand and Myanmar. Due to ongoing fighting and warfare, countless children of ethnic minority backgrounds have been bereaved of their families. They live in poverty and are at high risk of developing adverse health conditions — problems that the orphanage hopes to mitigate.⠀

To help bridge these health inequalities, Together We See organized free vision screenings using OcularCheck. We will provide financial and medical support to kids diagnosed with an impairment at no cost to them. Watch the video for a quick peek into the program and see how our technology can cross borders to expand access to healthcare.⠀

An enormous thank you to the volunteers at Bamboo School Thailand who helped make this event possible! We truly appreciate you.⠀


OcularCheck Validation Study Published!