What we’re doing to combat the spread of COVID-19


Rural Awareness Presentations

In the first few weeks of the spread of the coronavirus, awareness was largely limited to the developed world, with greater access to medical resources, supplies, and information. Hence, we partnered with the National Human Rights Commission of India and worked with several villages in the Yavatmal District in Mahasthra, India to create awareness presentations and inform the populace of the upcoming dangers of Covid-19 and how they should best protect themselves.

You can find a few of these presentations below:



Coronavirus Mobile App

We quickly realized that despite our best efforts in giving awareness presentations, there was inherently a limited number of people we could reach at once. Hence, we created an app to assist a broader population at once. The app includes features such as:

  • Precautions and guides on 20+ topics

  • Translations available in 3 languages

  • A COVID-19 self checker

Feel free to read more about the app here.