International Vision Screening


Preventative solutions

We conduct public health awareness camps in order to improve health literacy, discussing subjects such as the science behind the causes of myopia, as well what one can do to avoid it. Also, using OcularCheck, we conduct vision screenings in community centers (e.g., schools) to identify those with visual refractive problems. An early diagnosis of the impairment can prevent further progression.

Distributing eyeglasses

To help those affected by myopia overseas, we provide them prescription glasses for free by providing financial support. Whenever possible, we recycle glasses donations we have received from donation boxes in the Austin area.

Bamboo School Orphans - Bong Ti, Sai Yok District (Thailand)

June 2021


 Maasai Tribal Members - Losimingori, Arusha (Tanzania)

July - September 2020


 Adults & Kids’ Screening - Palanpur, Gujarat (India)

September 2020

Elementary Schoolers - Palanpur, Gujarat (India)

August 2020